Research interests

Research area Lead academics 
Fluid Dynamics of Weather and Climate
With the increasing urgency of climate change and severe weather for society, there is need to provide rigorous fluid dynamics research which underpins this area of science.
Professor John ThuburnDr Frank Kwasniok, Professor Geoff Vallis, Professor Beth Wingate and Dr Bob Beare
Theoretical Fluid Dynamics
Here we are involved with understanding the structure, stability and mixing processes of vortices, with examples such as hurricanes and tornadoes in the atmosphere, or Gulf Stream rings in the ocean.
Professor Mitchell BergerDr Joanne Mason and Professor Andrew Gilbert
Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
This includes the understanding of many profound questions in geomagnetism and solar magnetism such as why the Earth's magnetic field can reverse its polarity and why the sunspots change with a period of about 11 years.
Dr Joanne Mason, Professor Andrew Soward and Professor Keke Zhang
Solar-Terrestrial Plasmas and Space Weather
Our understanding of the solar, heliospheric and magnetospheric environments is important for a practical forecast of our space weather.

Dr Claire Foullon, Dr Andrew Hillier, Professor Mitchell Berger and Professor Keke Zhang