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Dr Mohsen Ebrahimi

Associate Research Fellow | Physical Modeller


Telephone: 01392 724075

Extension: (Streatham) 4075

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I joined the Centre for Water Systems (CWS) at the University of Exeter in May 2015. I am doing a project on the effect of debris blockage and scour at masonry bridges under flood conditions via physical (experimental) modelling. This is a multi-disciplinary project in which I collaborate with Professor Djordjevic, Dr Prakash Kripakaran and Dr Gavin Tabor from CWS, Dr Scott Arthur from Heriot-Watt University, Professor Dusan Prodanovic from University of Belgrade, and an industry consortium composed of major stakeholders involved in the UK bridge management.

Prior to my appointment at CWS, I completed my PhD at Queen’s University, Canada, where I did substantial physical modelling of flow, bank erosion and planimetric changes in meandering streams at the River and Estuarine Morphodynamics Facility of Queen's University. During this, I have also been involved in teaching three courses in undergraduate civil engineering program, including Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology and River Engineering.

I did my MSc in Marine Structures Engineering at University of Tehran, Iran. The degree was focusing on coastal engineering and marine construction, and I did my thesis on numerical simulation of scour and trench migration in 2DV free surface flows. 

Research interests:

  • Physical modelling of flow and morphological processes
  • Feedback between vegetation and morphology

Teaching interests:

  • Sediment transport
  • River engineering
  • Fluid mechanics 
  • Hydrology


  • PhD (River Engineering)
  • MSc (Marine Structures Engineering)
  • BSc (Civil Engineering)
  • EIT (Engineer in Training, Canada)

Other activities:

  • Graphic design

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