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Mr Liam Vile

Post Graduate Researcher


Telephone: 01392 726652

Extension: (Streatham) 6652

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My main research interests lie in fault tolerant control systems for aviation, more specifically the use of control allocation - to handle actuator redundancy - and sliding mode control - to create robust control and fault detection schemes. I am also interested in the development and application of these methods for future aircraft designs such as the Blended Wing Body.


  • L. Vile, H. Alwi, and C. Edwards, “Fault Tolerant Control of a Blended Wing Body Aircraft using Priority Weighted Control Allocation and Sliding Modes,” in American Control Conference, 2019.
  • L. Vile, H. Alwi, and C. Edwards, “Sliding Mode Fault Tolerant Control Allocation with Saturation Avoidance for a Blended Wing Body Aircraft,” in Conference on Decision and Control, 2019.