Photo of Dr Josef Bicik

Dr Josef Bicik

Honorary University Fellow


Josef received his MSc in Computer Science at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) in February 2006. After finishing his studies he worked at the CTU for 6 months as a research assistant. He joined the Centre for Water Systems (CWS) in September 2006 and worked as a research assistant until April 2007 when he started his PhD. He worked on project NEPTUNE dealing with near real-time optimal control of water distribution systems.

Research Interests

Among his research interests belong: Evolutionary Optimisation, Decision Support Systems, Risk & Uncertainty Analysis, Database Systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Software Development

  • GANetXL - An evolutionary optimisation add-in for Microsoft Excel
  • AquatorGA - A distributed multiple-objective evolutionary optimisation module for reservoir operation (second developer)