Photo of  Elías  Torres Alonso

Elías Torres Alonso



Telephone: (Lab) 01392 724197

Extension: (Streatham - Lab) 4197

My research is based on Imperceptible Smart Coating Embedding Optoelectronic Devices. Flexible, smart and wearable electronics are becoming a cornerstone within solid state devices, comprising a combination of both physics and engineering which I find amazing.
My work aims to create truly embedded flexible and wearable devices, such as light-emitting devices, solar cells, photodetectors and sensors.
For this, 2D materials such as graphene, GraphExeter and TMDCs represent the materials with the greatest potential to do this. Their flexibility, transparency and complementary optoelectronic properties allows to explore new structures and possibilities that were unforeseen merely a few years ago.
In my PhD, I make use of different 2D materials to pursuit this goal and enable the next generation of electronic devices, less perceptible and more efficient, that will have a deep impact in our society.



Homogeneously Bright, Flexible, and Foldable Lighting Devices with Functionalized Graphene Electrodes.
E. Torres Alonso, G. Karkera, G. F. Jones, M.F. Craciun and S. Russo. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016.

Towards conductive textiles:coating polymeric fibres with graphene.
Ana I. S. Neves, Daniela P. Rodrigues, Adolfo de Sanctis, E. Torres Alonso, M. S. Pereira, V. S. Amaral, L. V. Melo, S. Russo, I. de Schrijver, H. Alves and M. F. Craciun. Scientific Reports, 2017.

Fast and Highly Sensitive Ionic-Polymer-Gated WS2-Graphene Photodetectors.
J. D. Mehew, S. Unal, E. Torres Alonso, G. F. Jones, S. F. Ramadhan, M. F.  Craciun, S. Russo. Advanced Materials, 2017.