Photo of Dr Daniel Maxwell

Dr Daniel Maxwell

Industrial Reseach Fellow


Telephone: 01392 724541

Extension: (Streatham) 4541

My PhD was in dataflow programming and I have a background in consultancy and entrepreneurship, having worked in consultancy for over a decade and started two businesses.

Prior to working in Computer Science, I was a transport consultant, building crowd-flow forecasting models for several international sports venues (including the London 2012 Olympic Park) and optimising London’s central urban traffic control system.

My PhD, at the University of Exeter, was in Dataflow Programming and involved designing a system to embed the principles of Software Engineering and Architecture so tightly in the system that they will be applied by the nature of the system, even without the programmer knowing or understanding the principles themselves. My first degree, at the University of Bristol, was in Astrophysics (Physics and Astronomy).

I have chaired debates for the London Philosophy Club and the London Economics Debating Society, presented talks on Data Visualisation, Fintech and Education.