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  • Koujan MR, Roussos A. (2018) Combining Dense Nonrigid Structure from Motion and 3D Morphable Models for Monocular 4D Face Reconstruction, The 15th ACM SIGGRAPH European Conference on Visual Media Production, Bfi Southbank, London, Uk, 13th - 14th Dec 2018. [PDF]
  • Deng J, Roussos A, Chrysos G, Ververas E, Kotsia I, Shen J, Zafeiriou S. (2018) The Menpo Benchmark for Multi-pose 2D and 3D Facial Landmark Localisation and Tracking, International Journal of Computer Vision, DOI:10.1007/s11263-018-1134-y. [PDF]
  • Booth J, Roussos A, Ponniah A, Dunaway D, Zafeiriou S. (2018) Large Scale 3D Morphable Models, International Journal of Computer Vision, volume 126, no. 2-4, pages 233-254, DOI:10.1007/s11263-017-1009-7. [PDF]


  • Zafeiriou S, Chrysos G, Roussos A, Ververas E, Deng J, Trigeorgis G. (2017) The 3D Menpo Facial Landmark Tracking Challenge, Computer Vision Workshop (ICCVW), 2017 IEEE International Conference on, Venice, Italy, 22nd - 29th Oct 2017, DOI:10.1109/ICCVW.2017.16. [PDF]
  • Roussos A, Theodorakis S, Pitsikalis V, Maragos P. (2017) Dynamic Affine-Invariant Shape-Appearance Handshape Features and Classification in Sign Language Videos, Gesture Recognition, Springer.


  • Zhou Y, Antonakos E, Alabort-i-Medina J, Roussos A, Zafeiriou S. (2016) Estimating Correspondences of Deformable Objects "In-the-wild", Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, pages 5791-5801. [PDF]


  • Antonakos E, Roussos A, Zafeiriou S. (2015) A survey on mouth modeling and analysis for Sign Language recognition, Ieee, Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG), 2015 11th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on, volume 1, pages 1-7.
  • Lefkimmiatis S, Roussos A, Maragos P, Unser M. (2015) Structure tensor total variation, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, volume 8, pages 1090-1122, article no. 2. [PDF]
  • Snape P, Roussos A, Panagakis Y, Zafeiriou S. (2015) Face Flow, IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), pages 2993-3001. [PDF]







  • Aron M, Roussos A, Berger MO, Kerrien E, Maragos P. (2008) Multimodality acquisition of articulatory data and processing, European Signal Processing Conference.
  • Katsamanis A, Roussos A, Maragos P, Aron M, Berger MO. (2008) Inversion from audiovisual speech to articulatory information by exploiting multimodal data, Proceedings of ISSP 2008 - 8th International Seminar on Speech Production, pages 301-304.


  • Roussos A, Maragos P. (2007) Vector-valued image interpolation by an anisotropic diffusion-projection PDE, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), volume 4485 LNCS, pages 104-115.

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