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Module title:Mathematical Methods
Module codeMTH1002
Module lecturers:Prof Layal Hakim
Module credits:30

During your mathematics degree, you will be solving problems and proving theories in several branches of mathematics such as in pure mathematics, in applications to science and engineering, and in statistics. Inevitably you need to be able to calculate. That is what gives the mathematics its great power. This module covers developed bodies of useful techniques as a toolkit of common knowledge. It brings emphasis on the techniques rather than the applications of the techniques. Such techniques will enable you to deepen your familiarity with, and generalise, methods that you have seen at school level mathematics. This module will study topics that include the geometry of conic sections, properties of functions such as continuity and differentiability, differential and integral calculus, limits and convergence of sequences and series including Power Series and Taylor Series. The module also develops the fundamentals of vector and matrix theory, multivariate calculus, and the classification of various types of differential equations as well as analytical methods for solving them. The material in this module provide intuition for, and examples of, many of the mathematical structures that will be discussed in the module MTH1001 Mathematical Structures, and supply a firm understanding of methods required in future modules in the mathematics degree. In particular, it develops methods that underpin the modules MTH2003 Differential Equations and MTH2004 Vector Calculus and Applications. 

Please note that all modules are subject to change, please get in touch if you have any questions about this module.