Module title:Evolution of Earth and Planetary Systems
Module code2020
Module lecturers:Dr Kathryn Moore
Module credits:15

Earth Scientists often interpret evidence in the geological record using processes that are observed on the present Earth. However, this Principle of Uniformitarianism cannot always be applied to the very Early Earth. This module uses a variety of strands of chemical, mathematical and geological evidence to examine more than 4.5 billion years of Earth history, from before the establishment of the dynamic processes that currently rework our planet to the anthropogenic controls on Earth evolution. The course will place the evolution of the Earth in the context of the solar system and consider the nature of other terrestrial planets and their planetary processes and atmospheres.

You will find the course difficult unless you have attended the first level geology and crystallography and mineralogy modules, and the second level igneous and metamorphic module, which are formal prerequisites. It is advantageous to have also completed the second level sedimentology module, though not a formal requirement. This module is unsuitable for non-specialist students and is not recommended for interdisciplinary pathways unless the prerequisite modules have been studied.

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