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Module title:Sustainable Manufacturing
Module codeENGM023
Module lecturers:Dr Miying Yang
Module credits:15

This module aims to broaden students’ understanding of how to make “manufacturing” more sustainable. We are currently living in a highly globalised world, in which most of our products are manufactured in one country while sold in another country. In the manufacturing process, huge energy and materials are consumed, a large amount of waste is generated and various social concerns are raised. Most of the current production and consumption systems arelinear, adopting a “take, make and dispose” model and thereby contributing to the depletion of natural resources. To achieve sustainable growth, firms need to shift from linear to circular economy models. In recent years, the new technologies are emerging, the international trading policies are changing, and the sustainability issues are becoming more important. It is important to understand how these would affected the manufacturing system and supply chain management.

The module provides the students with a comprehensive view of sustainable manufacturing from theories and practices. In this module, the students will learn the theoretical concepts of sustainable design, business model innovation for sustainability, sustainable supply chain, circular economy, and digital solutions for sustainable manufacturing, understanding the cutting-edge challenges in the context of sustainable manufacturing, and use the practical methods/tools to solve problems. Case studies, methods and tools from the latest research will be provided in the module.

No pre-requisite or co-requisite modules are needed to have in order to be able to take this model. This module is suitable for specialist/non-specialist students, and is recommended for interdisciplinary pathways.

Please note that all modules are subject to change, please get in touch if you have any questions about this module.