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Module title:Core Engineering 1
Module codeECM1102
Module lecturers: 
Module credits:30

This core foundation module exemplifies the unique approach taken here at Exeter to nurturing the next generation of multidisciplinary engineers.

An engineer is a problem-solver, and this varied module will give you a taster of the skills you need to analyse a range of engineering problems. You will acquire knowledge of materials, structures, mechanics and electronics, which will enable you to experience the multidisciplinary nature of engineering practice and every area of this module provides a vital grounding for all disciplines.

Understanding how a building, car or replacement hip responds when subjected to a force is vital when designing strong and reliable devices. The mechanical part of this module therefore examines the theory of loading structures interwoven with a series of practical experiments on static and dynamic loading. Coupled with the electronics and materials elements of the module, this gives you a foundation applicable across the range of engineering topics.

By the end of the year you will be equipped with the skills to progress to more advanced courses and be able to deal with more complex problems. This module is assessed equally by examination and coursework with lab practicals and tutorials.  

Please note that all modules are subject to change, please get in touch if you have any questions about this module.