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Photo of Mr John Kealy

Mr John Kealy



Telephone: 01392 724541

Extension: (Streatham) 4541

Operational numerical weather prediction (NWP) models are being run at increasingly higher resolutions as new computational resources become available. My PhD project, which began in September 2016, aims to study the effects of this increasing resolution with respect to the partitioning of simulated turbulence into resolved vs parametrized components.

The length scales of interest are those within the so-called "grey zone", in which the size of the turbulent eddies being modelled are comparable to the horizontal grid-lengths. Of particular interest is the timing of the onset of the resolved turbulence (known as "spin-up") in dry unstable boundary layers. The Met Office-NERC Cloud resolving model (MONC) will be the principle test bed for the new techniques, and it is envisioned to expand this to make use of the Weather Research & Forecast  (WRF) model and/or the Met Office Unified Model. This project is supervised by Dr. Bob Beare and Dr. John Thuburn at the University of Exeter, and by Dr. Adrian Lock at the Met Office.