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  • Mohammadi H, Challenor P, Goodfellow M. (2018) Emulating dynamic non-linear simulators using Gaussian processes.


  • Mohammadi H, Le Riche R, Touboul E. (2016) A detailed analysis of kernel parameters in Gaussian process-based optimization.
  • Mohammadi H, Le Riche R. (2016) Small ensemble of kriging models for optimization. [PDF]
  • Mohammadi H, Le Riche R, Durrande N, Touboul E, Bay X. (2016) An analytic comparison of regularization methods for Gaussian processes. [PDF]
  • Mohammadi H. (2016) Kriging-based black-box global optimization: analysis and new algorithms. [PDF]
  • Mohammadi H, Le Riche R, Bay X, Touboul E. (2016) An analysis of covariance parameters in Gaussian process-based optimization, 16th International Conference on Operational Research, KOI, Osijek, Croatia, 18th - 20th Sep 2016.




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