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Colloquia and seminars

Wednesday 01 Jun 2022So many Suns, so many Earths? From discs and dust to pebbles, planetesimals, planets and people

Sebastiaan Krijt - University of Exeter

Building:One Constantine Leventis Teaching Room + remote 14:00-15:00

Tuesday 07 Jun 2022Lyapunov dimension and self-affine sets

Thomas Jordan - University of Bristol

LSI Seminar Room B 13:30-14:30

Wednesday 15 Jun 2022TBA

Christopher Clark - Space Telescope Science Institute

4th Floor Physics + remote 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 22 Jun 2022TBA

Alejandro Suarez Mascareno - Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias

4th Floor Physics + remote 14:00-15:00

Thursday 23 Jun 2022[Journal Club] - TBA

Ollie Lewis - University of Exeter

4th floor interaction are 11:15-11:45

Tuesday 28 Jun 2022Systems-Mechanobiology of Health and Disease

Fabian Spill - University of Birmingham

Amory C501 13:30-14:30

Wednesday 29 Jun 2022TBA

Diego Lorenzo-Oliveira - University of Sao Paolo

4th Floor Physic + remote 14:00-15:00

Thursday 30 Jun 2022[Journal Club] - TBA

Jake Eager -

4th floor interaction area 11:15-11:45