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Photo of Dr Edward Chuah

Dr Edward Chuah

Lecturer in Computer Science (E&S)



Edward is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, University of Exeter.  Prior to this, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Lancaster University.  He has worked on research topics including failure diagnosis for high-performance computing (HPC) systems, identifying network attacks and error propagation in HPC systems.  His work involves processing large amount of data and applying statistical techniques to obtain actionable insights to support data centers and HPC systems.  He has been working on the topic of failure diagnosis for 10 years now and it is an area that he enjoys immensely,

DBLP page:


Selected publications:

  1. E. Chuah, A. Jhumka, S. Alt, R.T. Evans, N. Suri, Failure Diagnosis for Cluster Systems Using Partial Correlations, in Proceedings of IEEE ISPA 2021 (Forthcoming).
  2. E. Chuah, A. Jhumka, S. Alt, D.B.-Thomert, J.C. Browne, M. Parashar, Towards Comprehensive Dependability-Driven Resource Use and Message Log-Analysis for Cluster Systems Diagnosis, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 2019.
  3. E. Chuah, A. Jhumka, J.C. Browne, N. Gurumdimma, S. Narasimhamurthy, B. Barth, Using Message Logs and Resource Use Data for Cluster Failure Diagnosis, in Proceedings of IEEE HiPC, 2016.
  4. E. Chuah, A. Jhumka, S. Narasimhamurthy, J. Hammond, J.C. Browne, B. Barth, Linking Resource Usage Anomalies with System Failures from Cluster Log Data, in Proceedings of IEEE SRDS, 2013.
  5. E. Chuah, S. Kuo, P. Hiew, W.C. Tjhi, G. Lee, J. Hammond, M.T. Michalewicz, T. Hung, J.C. Browne, Diagnosing the Root-Causes of Failures from Cluster Log-Files, in Proceedings of IEEE HiPC, 2010.


Learning From Data (2021/2022).


PhD in Computer Science, The University of Warwick.