Module title:Group Project
Module codeNSC3003
Module lecturers: 
Module credits:30

Many work environments, often including scientific research, require highly developed team skills. Your ability to act as an effective and cooperative member of a group will make you a valued employee. This module aims to provide experience of working as part of a project team in a situation close to that which might be found in a research, industrial or commercial setting.

Using formal project planning methods to plan and manage the progress of a substantial group project, you will develop an appreciation for the challenges faced by every project manager. This is an opportunity to bring together many of the scientific and professional skills you have learned during Stages 1 and 2.

The group project could encompass a piece of scientific research, but could also be related to outreach, widening participation or work aimed at encouraging greater gender equality within STEM/M Disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine).

This is a compulsory module for students on the BSc Natural Sciences, and compulsory for those students on the MSci Natural Sciences not taking the Semester of Science Studies Abroad (NSC3004 ).

Please note that all modules are subject to change, please get in touch if you have any questions about this module.