Module title:Frontiers in Science 2
Module codeNSC2001
Module lecturers: 
Module credits:30

This module is designed to underpin and develop key skills required by a scientific researcher. It comprises interdisciplinary research work, core practical and analytical challenges, and interactive lectures.

At the heart of the module is the project, which spans the year: students will design, build, run and analyse experiments that will require elements of computer programming, physics, biology, chemistry and mathematical modelling. The written report of the project will take the form of a scientific paper. You will also present your results as an oral presentation at a conference held at the end of the module.

Modern apparatus and techniques used across the sciences will be introduced and explained in a series of lectures, which students will then use to help shape their project. In addition, students will undertake a series of shorter experiments that are designed to develop core, transferrable scientific skills.

This is a compulsory module for students on the BSc/MSci Natural Sciences degree programme.

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