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Module title:MSc Dissertation
Module codeECMM164
Module lecturers:Dr Yang Liu
Module credits:60

This dissertation will give you the chance to demonstrate your knowledge, to exercise your initiative and personal responsibility, and to use the research techniques and skills you have developed throughout your degree.
You will be required to solve a research or industrially-related practical problem based on the topics learned within, but not exclusive to, the MSc programme you are registered for. The project work will lead to a major piece of work (dissertation) of approximately 15,000 words (max. 80 pages, including references and appendices) that involves project planning, analytical, experimental or empirical results and their interpretation, showing how the goals of the project have been met. You will receive a list of potential projects and will be required to express your two preferences. Alternatively, you can discuss your own dissertation ideas with the module leader / potential supervisor (academic staff) with a view to explore if they offer required technical rigour and research challenge. You will be encouraged to discuss your preferences with relevant academic staff before we allocate projects. As part of the research project, you are expected to undertake a considerable amount of self-study. There is no formal taught component in the module, apart from suggested regular meetings with the supervisor.
Prerequisite modules: All compulsory modules listed for (or equivalent) the MSc programme you are registered for.

Please note that all modules are subject to change, please get in touch if you have any questions about this module.