Staff and students

Academic staff
Professor Mark P. Baldwin Professor of Climate Science
Dr Bob Beare Senior Lecturer
Dr Jennifer Catto Lecturer (E&R)
Professor Peter Challenor Professor
Professor Mat Collins Joint Met Office Chair in Climate Change
Professor Peter Cox Professor - Climate System Dynamics
Dr Theo Economou Lecturer in Statistical Science (E&R)
Dr Christopher Ferro Senior Lecturer in Statistics
Professor Pierre Friedlingstein Chair, Mathematical Modelling of Climate Systems
Dr Anna Harper EPSRC LWEC Research Fellow, Proleptic Lecturer in Climate Science
Professor Jim Haywood Professor of Atmospheric Science
Dr Tim Jupp Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Kelson Senior Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Frank Kwasniok Senior Lecturer
Dr F Hugo Lambert Senior Lecturer
Dr Daniel Partridge Lecturer (E&R)
Professor Adam Scaife Professor
Professor James Screen Associate Professor in Climate Science
Professor Gavin Shaddick Chair of Data Science & Statistics
Professor David B. Stephenson Chair in the Statistical Modelling of Weather and
Professor Peter Stott Professor
Professor John Thuburn Professor
Professor Nadine Unger Professor
Dr Hywel Williams Senior Lecturer in Data Science
Dr Daniel Williamson Senior Lecturer
Post-doctoral and research fellows
Dr Russell Blackport Research Fellow
Dr Sarah Chadburn Associate Research Fellow
Dr Adrian Champion Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Tinkle Chugh Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Greg Colyer Research Fellow
Dr Michael Cotterell Associate Research Fellow
Dr Jennifer Creaser Research Fellow
Dr George Efstathiou Associate Research Fellow
Dr Samantha Ferrett Associate Research Fellow
Dr Ruth Geen Research Fellow
Dr Matt Hawcroft Research Fellow
Dr Anthony Jones Associate Research Fellow
Dr Jules Kajtar Research Fellow
Dr Iva Kavcic Associate Research Fellow
Dr Michael Kelleher Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ronny Lauerwald Research Fellow
Dr Penelope Maher Research Fellow
Dr Florent Malavelle Research Fellow
Dr Michelle McCrystall Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Hossein Mohammadi Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Jon Moore Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Catherine Morfopoulos Associate Research Fellow
Andre (Mahdi) Nakhavali Early Stage Researcher
Dr Michael O'Sullivan Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Joe Osborne Associate Research Fellow
Dr Fanny Peers Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Indrani Roy Research Fellow
Dr Marion Saint-Lu Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr James Salter Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Philip Sansom Associate Research Fellow
Dr Denis Sergeev Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Stefan Siegert Research Fellow
Dr Stephen Thomson Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Eleni Tzortzi Associate Research Fellow
Dr Iain Weaver Research Fellow
Dr Mark Williamson Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Xiaoyu Xiong Associate Research Fellow
Dr Huiyi Yang Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ben Youngman Research Fellow
Managerial staff
Dr Emma Clarke Project Manager
Leo de Sousa-Webb Training Manager
Visitors, emeritus and honorary fellows
Professor Trevor Bailey Emeritus Professor of Applied Statistics
Professor Ian Jolliffe Honorary Visiting Professor
Professor Wojtek Krzanowski Emeritus Professor
Qianyu Li Visitor
Research administrators
Linda McIlwraith Exeter Climate Systems Administrator
Dr Natalie Quantrill Administrative Assistant
Sam Allen Postgraduate
Ibrahim Alraddadi Postgraduate
Arthur Argles Postgraduate
Rudy Arthur Postgraduate
Holly Ayres Postgraduate
Evan Baker Postgraduate
Hibah Bashaykh Postgraduate
Simon Clark Postgraduate
Thomas Clemo Postgraduate
Donald Cummins Postgraduate
Nicholas Davies Postgraduate
Rosie Eade Postgraduate
Daniel Joe Griffin Postgraduate
Susannah Hearn Postgraduate
Lilo Henke Postgraduate (Geography)
Simon Jones Postgraduate GW4+
Paul Kim
Louise Kimpton Postgraduate
Qun Liu Postgraduate
Keith Mitchell Postgraduate (part-time)
Mahdi Nakhavali Postgraduate
Femke Nijsse Postgraduate
Martin Osborne Postgraduate
Dr Nathan Owen Postgraduate
Marianne Pietschnig Postgraduate
Nina Raoult Postgraduate
Oliver Stoner Postgraduate
Alexander Todd Postgraduate
Victoria Volodina Postgraduate
James Warner NERC GW4+ PhD Student
Alexander West Postgraduate (part-time)
Andrew Wheadon Postgraduate
Wenzhe Xu Postgraduate
Dr Robin Beaumont Research Staff
Dr Carolina Duran Rojas Software Engineer