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I chose Exeter as it was as far away from home as possible! Seriously though I knew it was an excellent University with a great reputation for Computer Science. I knew that I wanted to work with computers but really didn’t know in what way. I figured I’d work it out as the course went on and as it happened I’ve ended up running my own business, Optix Solutions, in web design and online marketing with fellow graduate James Dawkins.

I loved my time at Exeter. I can’t say that I was the model student although I did manage to get through with a 2:1. I remember lots of ‘allnighters’ to get things in on time – I’m not sure that did much for my time management skills in business! The course was good although I’ve ended up in a far more creative industry than the course set you up for. It taught me a far deeper knowledge of computing than I’ll probably ever need but this is great when you run a business in the industry and need to prove your credibility. I’ve done this on many occasions and still refer regularly to my time at Exeter when pitching to prospects.

I’d definitely recommend the University, the campus is amazing and I still love going up there. Life in town is perhaps not as ‘buzzy’ as main cities but it’s still a great place to come and study. Some of my best memories are of the summer balls we had – oh and all the great people I met along the way.

Alastair Banks

Computer Science (1999)