CEMPS Employability Events

Student experience and employability

What we cover

The Student Experience and Employability team is a key resource for the department in coordinating, delivering and creating a range of materials and activities for our students. Below outlines many of the responsibilities that fall within our team.

Student experience

  • College contacts for Students as Change Agents
  • Attend and assist with Staff Student Liason Committee (SSLC)
  • Promotion of the National Student Survey
  • Promotion of all student experience events to students and staff
  • Organising and delivering student experience events to students within the college
  • Promotion of Guild/FXU events and elections
  • Collating student feedback from various sources
  • Host discipline specific research taster sessions
  • Oversee the creation and publishing of videos for the college YouTube channel
  • Running subject specific focus groups to gain feedback from students
  • Organising, promoting and delivering the College Awards 


  • Provide work placement administration for all CEMPS students
  • Organising and delivering planning and catch up sessions for students undergoing a work placement
  • Organising and delivering on campus employer events
  • Organising student visits to external employability events
  • Liaising with the Careerzone to provide skills sessions
  • Promotion of all employability events to students and staff
  • Main college contact for Alumni
  • Arranging college-level Alumni events
  • Creating and sending the college employability newsletters
  • Liaising with academic staff to coordinate employability activity
  • Promote job/graduate opportunities to students
  • Promote and encourage student participation in the Destination of Leavers of Higher Education survey.