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Photo of  Siobhan Kelley

Siobhan Kelley

Lab Technician


Telephone: 01392 726532

Extension: (Streatham) 6532

As a laboratory technician assistant within Harrison I work with and support the other technicians, students, lecturers, researchers and outside contractors. My main role is to provide access to the laboratories and maintain a safe and clean working environment for the staff and the students. The laboratories that my team and I look after are Aerodynamics, Material dynamics, Fluid dynamics, Thermodynamics and the concrete laboratories. I have been involved with student projects and fieldtrips and I am adept in my organisation and teamwork skills.

Examples of Laboratory practical’s I have been involved in are: Tensile and compression testing, soil and sediment analyse, the production and testing of concrete samples, tests involving the air channels and flow benches.

I have a BSc Geography Degree from the University of Exeter with a dissertation in factors influencing the spatial distribution of soil organic Carbon in grassland dominated catchments in wales. My degree helps massively in working with Civil and Mechanical Engineers as I am able to put my knowledge of soil, rock, and weather and water mechanics to use.

Within my studies I also analysed how manmade structures were affected by the natural world and how they effected the landscape they were placed in.

I have had experience in working within the agricultural, water, radio and environmental industries in the past