Photo of Dr Joe Pickles

Dr Joe Pickles

Electron Microprobe Specialist


Telephone: 01326 371851

I am a geologist with a background in experimental petrology/mineralogy.  I run the JEOL electron microprobe, the Tescan VEGA 3 SEM, FEI FEG-SEM and the laser ablation ICPMS at the University of Exeter, Penryn Campus.


Research Interests

My background is in experimental petrology/mineralogy.  My MSci thesis investigated the eruptive cyclicity of samples from Volcan de Colima, Mexico.  After my degree I went to Bayerisches Geoinstitut, University of Bayreuth, Germany where I carried out high-pressure experiments synthesizing akimotoite and Si-perovskite.  Both minerals are high-pressure polymorphs of MgSiO3 and stable in the transition zone and lower mantle, respectively.

During my PhD, which was funded by Rio Tinto, I carried out high-pressure experiments at the University of Bristol investigating the partitioning of elements between garnet and clinopyroxene as a function of temperature and pressure.  From my experiments I developed a geothermometer for mantle minerals based on an adaptation of the lattice strain model and an empirical Ca barometer.


Academic Qualifications

Geology PhD 2012 (University of Bristol)

MSci Geology 2007 (University of Bristol)



Member of Mineralogical Society of America