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Dr Anja Roeding

Programme Manager of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials (XM2)


Telephone: 01392 724132

Extension: (Streatham) 4132

There are two things in life I am truly passionate about: research and cycling. What do they have in common? Both require a good balance of endurance and sprint skills, commitment and will power to succeed and to enjoy the challenges one encounters along the way.

I love learning as much as teaching, enjoy questioning existing systems and procedures to drive improvements, and thrive on variety. To me, research is an essential part of humankind, and I am committed to fostering an environment where research can progress, where bonds are created to enable innovation across subjects, where resources are used responsibly, and where people apply their indivdiual strengths to ensure a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

As programme manager of the ~£12m EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials (XM²), a Centre with more than 60 Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs), their academic supervisors, and industry and academic partners, I am responsible for the development and delivery of a programme that equips PGRs across Physics and Engineering with the experiences, skill and mind sets to become young professionals who exploit their potential as responsible future leaders in their fields.

Key aspects of my role are the management of internal and external relations, the training programme, the marketing and recruitment strategy, event organisation, report writing, and policy and process development.

To deliver successfully against the Centre’s aims, I am working closely with the CDT Director and Co-Directors, academic supervisors, external academic and industry partners, and the PGRs. I liaise regularly with the CDT's student advisory group and the individual cohorts to listen to and act on the feedback our PGRs provide specifically regarding the training programme, and to consult with them on ongoing CDT items (e.g. policies, assessments, reports, lab & administration), and new event and training elements.

Supported by the CDT's administrative team, we ensure the progress and development of Exeter's breadth and strength in functional and meta-materials research, from Acoustics to Optical, THz and Infrared Plasmonics and Photonics, from Graphene to Nanocomposites, from Magnetics and Microwaves to Quantum Metamaterials and Wave Theory.

My guiding principle? “I can. I will. End of story.”


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Brief history

  • Feb 2017 – now: Programme Manager of the EPSRC CDT in Metamaterials, University of Exeter, UK
  • Nov 2015 - Feb 2017:  Project manager (EMPS), University of Exeter, UK
  • Aug 2015 - Oct 2015:  Workload planning administrator (EMPS), University of Exeter, UK
  • May 2014 - May 2015: Travels in New Zealand, Australia, and South-East Asia
  • Aug 2013 - Apr 2014:  Research funding assistant, LOEWE, Ministry of Science and Art, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Nov 2008 - Jul 2013:   PhD student (biology), Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Apr 2008 - Oct 2008:  Travels in Europe
  • Sep 2003 - Mar 2008: Studies in microbiology, biochemistry and genetics, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Sep 2002 - Aug 2003: Studies in sociology, political and media sciences, Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf; incl. internship in the German Parliament's press department, Berlin, Germany
  • Sep 2001 - Aug 2002: Voluntary social year in a home for disabled people, German Red Cross, Moenchengladbach, Germany
  • Jul 2001: A-level in history, German, maths, and music, Sophiengymnasium Colditz, Germany