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Dr Xiaoyu Yan

Group members

Current 4E members:

  • Dr Victor Kouloumpis – Senior Research Fellow on the WEFWEBS, CEReS, ICE, ExeMPLaR and CLIP projects
  • Dr Xiaocheng Hu – Research Fellow on the ExeMPLaR and Met4Tech projects
  • Dr Maru Correa – Research Associate on the ExeMPLaR and NEXT-AG projects
  • Yang Qu – PhD student
  • Xiang Li – PhD student
  • Lin Zheng – PhD student
  • Yinchen Liu – PhD student
  • Hongli Liu – Visiting PhD student from China University of Geosciences

Former 4E members:

  • Dr Kyle Roskilly – Industrial Impact Fellow on the Tevi project
  • Dr Yong Li – Academic Visitor
  • Dr Anshul Paneri – Research Associate on the IMP@CT project
  • Dr Emily Stebbings – PhD student graduated in 2020
  • Wensong Zhu – Visiting Master student from Central South University, China
  • Atta Ajayebi – PhD student
  • Dr Robert Pell – PhD student graduated in 2019 and Research Associate on the ExeMPLaR and ICURe projects
  • Harry Barlow – MEng intern on the IMP@CT project
  • Tianduo Peng – Visiting PhD student from Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, Tsinghua University
  • James Miller – PhD student
  • Dr Marina Maier – PhD student graduated in 2017
  • Dr Gloria Salmoral – Research Fellow on the WEFWEBs project
  • Prof Xunmin Ou – Academic Visitor from Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, Tsinghua University
  • Tao Tan – Undergraduate intern from Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Aggeliki Konsta – Erasmus+ undergraduate intern from the National Technical University of Athens
  • Dr Zhiwei Wang – Academic Visitor from Energy Research Institute, Henan Academy of Sciences
  • Dr Yongguo Li – Academic Visitor from Shanghai Ocean University


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