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Photo of Dr Peter Halswell

Dr Peter Halswell

Senior Project Engineer


I'm a Mechanical Engineering after completing a Master of Engineering (MEng) at the University of Exeter in 2009. This led me to undertaking an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) at the University of Southampton to explore the effects of hydroelasticity on the performance of flexible planing craft. I spent time in industry as an engineer setting up, performing and analysing noise and vibration experiments. I then re-joined the University of Exeter in 2014 as a Research Fellow to experimental study the hydrodynamics of aquaculture systems. Following that, I became the Project Engineer for Dynamic Marine Component (DMaC) test facility and I'm now the Senior Project Engineer for the Renewable Energy group. I am a Chartered Engineer (CEng) with the IMechE. 

I have a broad knowledge of materials, structures, fluids and vibrations (including noise). I tends to approach research using experimental methods and has performed experiments in material properties, vibrations, acoustics, static and dynamic structures, hydrodynamic (from full-scale sea trials to model-scale current flumes), fluid-structure interaction, and component fatigue/reliability. Furthermore, the perception of the measurements (i.e. hydrodynamics and acoustics) by humans and wildlife is often considered. I have a strong interest in marine sustainability and renewable technologies, and wish to applied my knowledge and experimental skills to ensure technology is sustainable, environmental friendly and renewable. I‘m chair of the committee for Falmouth and Penryn Repair Café.

My current role as a Senior Project Engineer involves managing a number of research facilities, include the DMaC test rig and a Current Flume. I also provide engineering support to the Renewable Energy group for both teaching and research projects. I am responsible for the Technical Services within the Renewable Energy group.