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  • Pillai AC, Thies PR, Johanning L. (2018) Mooring System Design Optimization Using a Surrogate Assisted Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm, Engineering Optimization, DOI:10.1080/0305215X.2018.1519559. [PDF]
  • Pillai AC, Thies PR, Johanning L. (2018) Comparing Frequency and Time-Domain Simulations for Geometry Optimization of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Mooring System, ASME 2018 International Offshore Wind Technical Conference, San Francisco, Usa, 4th - 7th Nov 2018. [PDF]
  • Giovanni R, Pillai AC, Thies P, Johanning L. (2018) Verification and Benchmarking Methodology for O&M Planning and Optimization Tools in the Offshore Renewable Energy Sector, 37th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, Madrid, 17th - 22nd Jun 2018, OMAE 2018, no. OMAE2018-77176. [PDF]
  • Pillai AC, Thies PR, Johanning L. (2018) Optimization of Mooring Line Axial Stiffness Characteristics for Offshore Renewable Energy Applications, The Twenty-eighth (2018) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, Sapporo, Japan, 10th - 15th Jun 2018. [PDF]
  • Pillai AC, Chick J, Khorasanchi M, Johanning L. (2018) Offshore Wind Farm Layout Optimization Using Particle Swarm Optimization, Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy, volume 4, no. 1, pages 73-88, DOI:10.1007/s40722-018-0108-z. [PDF]




  • Pillai AC, Chick J, Johanning L, Khorasanchi M, Pelissier S. (2015) Optimisation of offshore wind farms using a genetic algorithm, Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, volume 2015-January, pages 644-652.
  • Pillai AC, Chick J, Johanning L, Khorasanchi M, De Laleu V. (2015) Offshore wind farm electrical cable layout optimization, Engineering Optimization, volume 47, no. 12, pages 1689-1708, DOI:10.1080/0305215X.2014.992892. [PDF]


  • Pillai AC, Chick J, de Laleu V. (2014) Modelling Wind Turbine Wakes at Middelgrunden Wind Farm, European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition 2014, Barcelona, Spain, 10th - 13th Mar 2014. [PDF]

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