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Dr Aritra Ghosh




Dr Aritra Ghosh is a Lecturer at the Renewable Energy, University of Exeter, Penryn, UK. Prior to joining this position, he was Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the same department. Previously, he worked as a Research Associate at The Centre for Industrial and Engineering Optics, Technological University, Dublin, Ireland. He has a PhD in Building Engineering from Dublin Energy Lab, Technological University, Dublin, Ireland. He is a member of the Renewable Energy Group in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences and also part of the interdisciplinary Environment and Sustainability Institute.

Research Interest

  • Energy Positive Building
  • Smart switchable material (Electrochromic, Suspended Particle Device, Liquid Crystal)
  • Advanced glazing technologies (Vacuum, Aerogel)
  • First, second and third-generation PV for BIPV/BAPV
  • Low concentrating PV (LSC, CPC, Holography)
  • Building physics including materials science, solar radiation, thermal radiation, climate exposure, smart nanomaterials
  • Solar powered Electric Vehicle (EV)
  • Transparent Building Envelops (Transparent Wood)
  • Sensor Technology


Research grants

2018-2019: Autonomous Switchable Glazing (ESRC Impact Acceleration Award; £67,121) PI

2019-2021: Spectral dependent unified soiling losses of PV farms in India (EPSRC JUICE flexible grant; £120,000) Researcher Co-I

2020-2021: Smart material for adaptive building skin, (EPSRC travel grant; £2500) PI

2020-2021: Energy Performance of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Shading Devices (PVSD) in Hot Desert Climate, (Research Deanship in University of Ha’il – Saudi Arabia through project number RG-20 105; £19000) External Consultant.

2021-2022: PDLC glazing for Building application (South Asia Partnership Development Fund, £5000) PI


Research Links


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Editorial activities


Sustainability -MDPI -Editor (Special Issue " Solar Energy Materials for Advanced Window for Less Energy-Hungry Building")

Energies-MDPI-Editor (Special Issue “Recent Advances in Renewable Energy and Clean Energy”)

Energies-MDPI-Editor (Special Issue “Challenges and Opportunities in the Integration of Solar Photovoltaics in Developing Countries”)

World Electric Vehicle Journal-MDPI-Editor (Special Issue "Electric Vehicles—Solution toward Zero Emission from the Transport Sector")

Recent Progress in Materials- Lidsen- Editor (Special Issue “Smart Switchable Material for Adaptive Low Energy Building’s Window”)

Journal of Energy and Power Technology - Lidsen- Editor (Special Issue “Progress of Wind Energy Technology and Its Maintenance”)

Advances in Civil Engineering - Hindawi - Editor (Special Issue "Employing Smart Power Generation in Buildings")

Sustainable Design and Construction- Frontiers- Editor (Special Issue “Building Integrated Photovoltaic for Energy Positive Buildings - Energetic Analysis”)


News & Media:


Expert Interview on Smart Window (Smart Glass World; January 2020)

Lowering PV panel temperature with phase change materials (PV Magazine; April 2020)

One step closer to self-powered switchable glazing? (Laurie Winkless; September 2016)


PhD/Post-doctoral Positions:


  • No PhD studentship available right now. Candidates are encouraged to discuss with CV, and research plan to be considered for the next call for PhD studentship. Self-funded PhD students are very welcome.
  • No post-doctoral opportunity opening right now. Candidates are encouraged to send CV, list of publications and research plan to discuss further for fellowship applications.