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Dr Jesús Rubio


In October 2019 I joined Prof Janet Anders's group at the University of Exeter, to work as a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Molecular Mechanics Initiative with her and Prof Frank Vollmer. Our goal is to analyse single-molecule detection data using stochastic thermodynamics theory.

This position follows the completion of my PhD in Physics at the University of Sussex, where I developed optimisation strategies for quantum metrology schemes with limited resources. This was achieved using the tools of quantum estimation and information theories. As a result, I wrote the thesis Non-asymptotic quantum metrology: extracting maximum information from limited data, which I successfully defended in September 2019. My supervisor was Prof Jacob Dunningham, and I collaborated with Dr Paul Knott, from the University of Nottingham.  

Previously, I did a MSc in Theoretical Physics at the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Autonomous University of Madrid, with specialisation in particle physics and cosmology. My dissertation discussed the toric code model in the context of quantum information theory. 

Around that time I also collaborated with Prof Alfredo Luis Aina, my former undergraduate supervisor at the Complutense University of Madrid. We studied the relationship between quantum and classical relativistic dynamics using semi-classical techniques. 

Last but not least, in 2008 I completed my Spanish Baccalaureate, which gave me the inspiration and basic tools to start the path that would lead me towards my current academic goals.