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Mr Edward Hone




In July 2015 I completed an MPhys Physics with Astrophysics degree at Exeter. My masters project involved observing a massive young stellar object at millimetre wavelengths using the ATCA interferometer. For my work on this project I received the Newman Prize, awarded to the student with the highest graded Masters project each year.

In September 2015 I started my PhD project, "Resolving the gas kinematics in the inner regions of protoplanetary disks", in the Astrophysics group at Exeter. Working with Prof. Stefan Kraus I will be making use of the AMBER and GRAVITY instruments at the VLT Interferometer to observe the intriguing physical processes that occur in the inner regions of protoplanetary disks with high angular and spectral resolution.


  • Gas dynamics in the inner few AU around the Herbig B[e] star MWC297. Indications of a disk wind from kinematic modeling and velocity-resolved interferometric imaging. ADS arXiv