Photo of Mr Aarynn Carter

Mr Aarynn Carter



Telephone: 01392 725518

Extension: (Streatham) 5518

I am a PhD student working under the supervision of Prof. David Sing (Johns Hopkins) and Prof. Sasha Hinkley (Exeter). Prior to joining the group at Exeter, I completed my BSc MPhys at the University of Warwick. 

My primary research interest is the characterisation of exoplanetary atmospheres, through both indirect and direct observational methods. I am especially interested in observing indicators of the contrasting formation pathways of core accretion and gravitational instability within the atmospheric spectra of both directly imaged and transiting exoplanets. My current focus is on the upcoming launch of JWST and the advances to exoplanet science it will provide. As such, I am part of both of the large, community-driven, ERS proposals for exoplanet science. In particular, I have played a significant role in the scientific and technical planning of the high contrast imaging proposal (ERS 1386). Additionally, I have performed a variety of simulations to assess the capabilities of JWST with regards to observing theorised spectral features of transiting exoplanets.

A complete list of my publications can be accessed via the NASA ADS system here: Link.