Dr Alex Corbett

Lecturer in Fluorescence Microscopy (E&R)


Telephone: 01392 723358

Extension: (Streatham) 3358

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My research

I am a lecturer in fluorescence microscopy and joined the Biomedical Physics group in January 2016. My research investigates the application of advanced photonics techniques to medical imaging. Specifically I am interested in the development of new microscopy tools that can improve the specificity and spatiotemporal resolution of biomedical image data. Current projects include the rapid acquisition of three-dimensional data sets of excitable tissues and the development of coherent optical methods for dye-free optical imaging.  I am also interested in the development of quantitative methods in biomedical imaging, including the development of new calibration standards to place specific bounds on the accuracy of image data.


Education and Employment

• 2016 -             Lecturer, University of Exeter

• 2014 - 2015     Research Fellow, University of Oxford

• 2013 - 2013     Senior Engineer, Canon Information System Research Australia. 

• 2010 - 2012     Research Associate, University of Oxford

• 2007 - 2010     Senior Engineer, Light Blue Optics (spin-out)

• 2003 - 2008     PhD in Optical Engineering, University of Cambridge

• 1998 - 2002     MSci Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge


Currently funded projects

• Innovation to Commercialisation (ICURe): Exploring the market potential for fluorescent plastic devices. Up to £50,000 funded by HEFCE and Innovate UK.

• Open Innovation Proof of Concept fund: Scaling manufacturing and providing external validation of a fluorescent calibration standard for microscopy. £14,820 provided by HEFCE and the University of Exeter.

• University Challenge Seed Fund (UCSF): Delivering high performance, cost effective fluorescent devices. £35,228 provided by Oxford University Innovation.


Key publications

• Burton RAB, Klimas A, Ambrosi CM, Tomek J, Corbett A, Entcheva E, Bub G. (2015) “Optical control of excitation waves in cardiac tissue”, Nature Photonics, volume 9, no. 12, pages 813-816, DOI:10.1038/nphoton.2015.196.

• Corbett AD, Burton RAB, Bub G, Salter PS, Tuohy S, Booth MJ, Wilson T. (2014) "Quantifying distortions in two-photon remote focussing microscope images using a volumetric calibration specimen", Frontiers in Physiology, volume 5, DOI:10.3389/fphys.2014.00384.

• Botcherby EJ, Corbett A, Burton RAB, Smith CW, Bollensdorff C, Booth MJ, Kohl P, Wilson T, Bub G. (2013) Fast Measurement of Sarcomere Length and Cell Orientation in Langendorff-Perfused Hearts Using Remote Focusing Microscopy, Circulation Research, volume 113, no. 7, pages 863-870, DOI:10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.113.301704.

• Reeve JE, Corbett AD, Boczarow I, Kaluza W, Barford W, Bayley H, Wilson T, Anderson HL. (2013) "Porphyrins for Probing Electrical Potential Across Lipid Bilayer Membranes by Second Harmonic Generation", Angewandte Chemie International Edition, volume 52, no. 34, pages 9044-9048, DOI:10.1002/anie.201304515.

• Reeve JE, Corbett AD, Boczarow I, Wilson T, Bayley H, Anderson HL. (2012) "Probing the Orientational Distribution of Dyes in Membranes through Multiphoton Microscopy", Biophysical Journal, volume 103, no. 5, pages 907-917, DOI:10.1016/j.bpj.2012.08.003.