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Photo of  Angela Breimann

Angela Breimann



I am a postgraduate student working within the ERC project AWESoMeStars, which is providing a better understanding of the evolution of low mass and Sun-like stars and their environments. In particular, the project focusses on the origins and evolution of accretion, mass-loss, magnetic activity, and rotation rates of such stars.

Low mass stars exhibit magnetic fields which are generated by rotation and convection. These magnetic fields drive magnetic activity and stellar winds, and also remove stellar angular momentum with the help of winds. The ensuing torques change the stellar rotation rate, which again influences the magnetic field, and so on, causing a feedback loop.

Within the larger project, my PhD focusses on developing models of the evolution of stellar spin through the main sequence by combining information on external torques and mass exchange. In addition, these models will be compared to data, resulting in the most modern spin-evolution models of low mass stars.


I graduated from the University of St Andrews with an Astrophysics MPhys (Masters) in 2017. My Masters project, titled 'The Needle in the Haystack: Survey Harvesting for Brown Dwarf Variability and Lightning Detection', was supervised by Dr Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar and Dr Christiane Helling.

Previous Experience 

  • 2016 summer project, European Southern Observatory (ESO): 'Activity Cycle Shapes' supervised by Dr Gaitee Hussain.
  • 2016 summer project, University of St Andrews: 'The Variability of Forming Sun-Like Stars' supervised by Dr Scott Gregory.
  • 2015 summer project, University of St Andrews: 'The Evolution of High Energy Emission During the Formation of Sun-Like Stars' supervised by Dr Scott Gregory.