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Wednesday 12 Jan 2022Magnetized disks and magnetic outflows during the formation of massive stars

Andre Oliva -

4th Floor Physics + remote 14:00-15:00

During the formation of a massive star, magnetic fields can drive jets
and other kinds of magnetically-driven outflows. Starting from the
gravitational collapse of a slowly-rotating cloud core, we investigate
the physical processes that drive the launching, acceleration,
propagation and termination of protostellar jets, as well as the
properties of the magnetized accretion disk that forms around the
protostar. We performed a set of axisymmetrical simulations using the
magneto-hydrodynamical code Pluto with additional modules for
self-gravity and radiation transport, and including Ohmic resistivity.
We explored a wide range of cloud masses, initial magnetic fields,
density profiles, rotation profiles, and resistivity models.

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