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Tuesday 11 May 2021[Journal Club] Title: Parameterisation of overshooting processes in Massive + Solar type Stars

Josh Clarke - University of Exeter

Zoom 11:15-11:50

The matter of convective overshooting within in stellar interiors is still debated, particularly in the case of massive stars. Convective overshooting can extend the main sequence lifetime of a star by enriching the core with hydrogen from the envelope, and is crucial to creating accurate evolutionary models of massive stars, but the extent of overshooting mixing is not yet prescribed by a universally applicable formula. This study hopes to link the length of overshooting mixing with physical parameters of the stellar interior to develop said formula that would give the correct amount of overshooting for models to reproduce the observations of their respective stars.  To do this, 1D stellar models of massive stars of 8-30Msun were run with a range of overshooting lengths so that they could be fitted to observational data from DLEBS, and that the relationship between overshooting length and physical properties of the stellar interior could be analysed. Furthermore, work has been done applying and overshooting and temperature gradient smoothing in models of the present-day sun in order to improve the accuracy of the sound profile of our solar models

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