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Tuesday 23 Feb 2021[Journal Club] Title: Polarised magnetic flux as a stellar RV proxy

Federica Rescigno - University of Exeter

Zoom 11:15-11:50

Thanks to a series of evolving analysis techniques and instrument developments, the precision of radial velocity surveys has been steadily improving. However, even with these increased precisions any RV signal generated by Earth-like planets in Earth-like orbits (one of the main points of interest for the soon-to-be launched Terra Hunting Experiment) would most likely be drowned by RV variations caused by the star itself and its activity. Astronomers are therefore looking for proxies to stellar activity in order to use them to subtract the expected stellar RV contribution from the total RV signal. One of these proxies could be the stellar polarised magnetic flux. In this talk I will present my latest results regarding the viability of the polarised magnetic flux as a proxy and its relation to the stellar RV signal.

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