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Tuesday 09 Feb 2021[Journal Club] Title: From transit surveys to exoplanet masses: the case of TRAPPIST-1

Adrien Houge - University of Exeter

Zoom 11:15-11:50

TRAPPIST-1, discovered in 2015, is a unique multiplanetary system composed of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting an Ultra-Cool Dwarf star. Its architecture allows scientists to perform precise transit timing variations (TTV) analyses. In particular, a recent TTV study published by Eric Agol and its team (Agol et al. 2021) has made TRAPPIST-1 one of the best constrained exoplanetary systems, in terms of dynamics, mass, and density. During this talk, we will see how the TTV method works, but also how such studies are made possible, by detailing the transit survey I performed for my master thesis project. 

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