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Thursday 11 Feb 2021Network based operational modelling of whole healthcare systems and their operations

Sean Manzi - University of Exeter, College of Medicine and Health

Zoom 14:30-15:30

Healthcare systems are large and complex which makes it challenging to understand their structure and monitor how they are operating. Healthcare modelling has traditionally focused on specific aspects of healthcare operations due to the need to manually map the system and a lack of data to parametrise a discrete event, system dynamics or agent based simulation. This presentation will explore the potential of a scalable network based approach which enables data-driven, near-real-time modelling of large scale health systems. The need for such an approach, the development of the network based operational modelling (NOM) approach and its use will be discussed. The development of a platform for the implementation of the NOM approach and a number of planned use-scenarios will be presented.

Dr Sean Manzi is a Research Fellow in applied health service modelling with the NIHR ARC PenCHORD team and a THIS (The Health Improvement Studies) Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow developing the network based operational modelling approach for healthcare systems

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