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Tuesday 16 Feb 2021An introduction to multi-fluid convection

Dr. Will McIntyre - University of Exeter

Zoom 13:30-14:30

Convection in Earth's atmosphere is coupled to various processes and weather phenomena including vertical heat & moisture transport, precipitation and radiative effects. However, convection schemes are widely regarded as the weakest component of weather and climate forecasts, due partly to some outdated assumptions which are no longer valid for modern-day numerical simulations.

The multi-fluid approach is a relatively new framework for modelling convection, which treats the updrafts/convective regions as a separate fluid from the rest of the atmosphere. Such a 2-fluid system adds extra complexity to the dynamical core, but the potential benefits include accurately modelling convection using any model resolution.

This talk will outline the theoretical basis for a multi-fluid convection model, as well as the required closure assumptions for an operational scheme. Some early results from the University of Reading and the University of Exeter will also be presented.

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