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Wednesday 03 Mar 2021Multiwavelength studies of FUor-type eruptive young stars

Fernando Cruz-Saenz de Miera - Konkoly Observatory

Remote seminar 14:00-15:00

FU Orionis-type stars (FUors) are young stellar objects experiencing
brief periods of an enhanced mass accretion rate. Almost five decades
after their discovery, the triggering mechanisms behind these events,
and the effects they can have on the protostellar system and its
surroundings, are still unresolved.

Here I will present our current work using different techniques at
different wavelength regimes to improve the knowledge of these events.
Our work includes about our progress in studying the dust in the
protostellar disks, the envelopes/jets/outflows around the outbursting
systems, the chemical evolution of these objects, and our search for new
outbursting sources.

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