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Wednesday 24 Feb 2021Investigating the story of massive star formation, as told by clusters

Anne Buckner - University of Exeter

Remote seminar 14:00-15:00

Star clusters are an integral part of the active star formation process in our galaxy, so provide important clues about the formation, evolution and interactions of massive stars. As such these stellar laboratories have been the focus of intense observational and theoretical study for decades. In recent years technological advancements have led to cluster data of unprecedented accuracy/ resolution becoming available. Subsequently, the idea of measuring the relative positions of stellar members to each other inside clusters is now a ‘hot topic’ as this can reveal valuable insights into the intricacies of how clusters form and evolve, and stars interact. But how best to do it? In this talk I discuss some of the more popular methods and present our novel approach, showing recent results obtained from applying it to both real and simulated clusters.

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