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Tuesday 27 Oct 2020Evolution of the Sun's Magnetic Field and Space Weather

Dr. Prantika Bhowmik - Durham University 13:30-15:30

Solar variability governs the electromagnetic, radiative, and particulate environment in the heliosphere creating hazardous weather in space through eruptive events such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections. Moreover, modulation in solar output in terms of solar irradiance defines space climate. Both the short and long-term solar variabilities are closely associated with and mostly dominated by the Sun's magnetic cycle. Thus, in the context of space weather studies, understanding and predicting the Sun’s magnetic field evolution have gained significant impetus in recent times. In this talk, I will discuss how magnetic field is generated within the solar convection zone, and subsequently manifested in the solar surface and the atmosphere. I will present some results from our century-scale observational data-driven magnetic field simulations to demonstrate what causes the variability in solar magnetic cycles. Then in the context of predicting space climate and space weather, I will explain the importance of the slow build-up of ‘memory’ in the large-scale magnetic field.

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Meeting ID: 930 2054 5827

Password: 775029

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