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Tuesday 31 Mar 2020[Journal Club] Title: Tuning spin evolution models to cluster rotation data

Angela Breimann - University of Exeter

Zoom 11:15-11:45

Rotation rates of stars between 0.1 to 1.3 solar masses give important insights into stellar evolution and the physics of stellar magnetic activity and winds. Combined with a spin evolution model, observed rotation rates can constrain stellar ages (particularly on the main sequence where rotation rates are observed to change by an order of a magnitude) and stellar wind properties. We have adapted the robust tau squared statistical technique to allow us to fit physical spin evolution models to entire cluster rotation datasets in the period-mass plane. The tau squared method can also fit models to multiple cluster rotation datasets simultaneously, allowing us to constrain the model across several stages in its evolution. We find that (i) for a given spin model, we can statistically determine gyrochronology ages for clusters, (ii) we can constrain the physics of stellar winds by fixing the age and varying the stellar wind parameters of the model, (iii) using different methods to convert observables to masses significantly impacts the best-fit parameters, and (iv) using the observed distribution of the 8 Myr old Upper Sco as an initial condition leads to a significantly improved fit, highlighting the importance of model initial conditions.

Due to the closure of the Physics department, this talk will be conducted via Zoom. If you wish to participate please contact: Tom Wilson

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