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Tuesday 24 Mar 2020[Journal Club] Title: The inner astronomical unit of FU Orionis

Aaron Labdon - University of Exeter

NA 11:15-11:55

FUor stars undergo rapid outbursting event during which accretion rates increase many orders of magnitude over short timescales. Once thought to be rare occurrences, it is now thought FUor outbursts are common throughout the lifecycle of many T Tauri stars. Following recent upgrades to the MIRCX beam combiner at CHARA, we were able to obtain the first dual band H and J observations of a young stellar object. Combined with archival K band observations we have been able to reconstruct the temperature gradient of the inner disk of FU Ori, where dust survives at many times the sublimation temperature in this heavily accreting young stellar object.

Due to the closure of the Physics department this talk will be conducted via Zoom. If you wish to participate please contact: Tom Wilson

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