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Tuesday 10 Mar 2020[Journal Club] Title: Grain growth by sweep-up process in protoplanetary discs.

Hazhar Rasull - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area, Physics building 11:15-11:35

To form planets, tiny micrometer sized interstellar dust particles in the protoplanetary disc need to stick and form bigger particles up to kilometre sized objects, where gravitational force dominates. The process of dust dynamics and its growth to produce early planetesimals follow a cumbersome process. It requires a variety of complex physical processes. The centimetre and metre sized objects need to pass through many barriers, such as radial drift, bouncing, fragmentation barriers to survive and form planetesimals. In the talk I will present how large grains evolve by sweeping small grains, which are actively influenced by turbulence diffusion and dust drag. In such a process distractive fragmentation during a high speed collision can be ignored. Then I will display when the growth is most effective and show the radial drifts influence on the entire process.

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