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Thursday 05 Mar 2020[Cancelled] The Next Internet Frontier: Edge Computing

Dr Blesson Varghese - Queen's University Belfast, UK

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30

Abstract - Edge computing is a next generation computing paradigm that will revolutionise the way in which we use the Internet. Currently, processing of all data we generate usually happens on geographically distant clouds. As billions of devices are getting connected to the Internet, we need more sustainable and scalable architectures for computing. They must not solely rely on distant centralised clouds.

Edge computing will bring certain services of applications closer to the users on the edge of the network. This will make applications more responsive, reduces the bandwidth demand in the network core, and can also act as a firewall to selectively release sensitive data beyond the edge to the cloud.

The talk will provide a brief history of how we got here and highlight research carried out at Queen's University Belfast to tackle systems-oriented challenges in Edge computing.

Bio - Dr Blesson Varghese is a Senior Lecturer (~Associate Professor) at Queen's University Belfast, a Fellow of the ECIT Institute, an Honorary Lecturer at the University of St Andrews, and a Visiting Researcher at the British Telecommunications (BT) Ireland Innovation Centre. As Principal Investigator of the Edge Computing Hub funded by Rakuten Mobile, Japan, his mission is to tackle systems-based challenges for unlocking the scientific and societal opportunities in the next Internet frontier, Edge Computing. More info on the speaker is available at: Watch a short video on his research:

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