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Tuesday 11 Feb 2020[Journal Club] Title: Characterizing Hot Jupiters WASP-79b, WASP-62b, WASP-127b with Hubble Space Telescope Transmission Spectra

Michelle Bieger - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area, Physics building 11:15-11:35

In this talk I am going to present the results from upcoming paper Skaf et al. 2019, which presents the atmospheric characterisation of three large, gaseous planets: WASP-127b, WASP-79b and WASP-62b. We analysed spectroscopic data obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope using the Iraclis pipeline and the TauREx retrieval code, both of which are publicly available. For all planets, we find strong water absorption and the detection of iron hydride. The Atmospheric Detectability Index (ADI) is used to quantify the strength of the detection and compared our results to the hot Jupiter population study by Tsiaris et al (2018). I will then show what future work I will be doing with ATMO and it’s retrieval tool, ARC.

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