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Monday 14 Oct 2019Scientific Data and AI Computiing

Dr. Zhihong SHEN; Dr. Jue Wang - Chinese Academy of Science

Harrison 170 10:30-11:30

Title: Scientific Data: Data Resources, Tools, Services & Applications

Abstract: Scientific Data is very important for research. As the supporting institute of CAS, CNIC leads construction and maintenance of scientific database in CAS. In this speech, we will share with you our work on scientific data including data resource collection, key technologies and tools involving data publishing, big data management, and data analysis in detail. Finally, we will introduce interesting application cases including online data services and applications for customers.

Short bio of the presenter: Dr. Zhihong SHEN is a Professor in the big data department, CNIC, CAS. His current main research interests include graph database, big data processing, distributed computation and semantic web. Leading his team, Dr. SHEN developed a series of widely used big data software including VisualDB, PiFlow, Voovle, etc. He also participates in the national key research projects, projects of informatisation plan of CAS and customer-oriented applications.

Title: Artificial Intelligence Computing and Data Service

Abstract: Recently, the scale of deep learning applications has been growing rapidly. Artificial intelligence and high-performance computing go hand-in-hand. I will introduce AI infrastructure in CNIC. We present some key and common technologies used in our platforms for computing and data service, which consist of resource aggregation for heterogeneous computation, deep learning framework scheduling system based on Hadoop YARN, cloud-based workflow system engine, performance analysis tools for AMD GPU Clusters. Our platforms consist of AI computing and data service platform, reinforcement Learning platform, computational infrastructure for multiscale materials simulation, which support research and industry application services.

Short bio of the presenter: Dr. Jue Wang is currently working as an associate professor in Department of Artificial Intelligence Technology and Application Development, Computer Network Information Center (CNIC), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). His research interests are in the areas of artificial intelligence and high performance parallel computing. He has published over 40 papers in international journals and conferences proceedings.

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