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Tuesday 22 Oct 2019[Journal Club] Title: Solar/Stellar Wind Angular Momentum-loss

Adam Finley - University of Exeter

Physics Building, 4th floor, Interaction area 11:15-11:35

I will discuss the role stellar winds have in governing the rotation rates (and magnetic activity) of low-mass stars, like our own Sun. Specifically, I will demonstrate that the Sun’s angular momentum-loss rate varies on a range of timescales, from months to millennia, and that the predictions of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulations appear to agree with the loss rates detected directly in the solar wind by in-situ spacecraft. However, these values are lower by a factor of around 2-3 than what we would expect based on the observed rotation periods of other Sun-like stars. Which, taken at face value, could be evidence of a more complicated spin-down behavior for “old” main sequence stars.

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