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Wednesday 28 Oct 2020[Seminar] Exeter Exoplanet Theory Group (EETG): People, projects and mind blowing science!

Nathan Mayne - University of Exeter

Remote seminar 14:00-15:00

I will provide an overview of the Exeter Exoplanet Theory Group, introducing you to the people involved both at Exeter, within Astrophysics and other departments, and collaborators from other Universities. I will also introduce the basic projects these people are working on, before giving a few science highlights, featuring published results and ongoing projects. These will cover 3D implications of 3D radiative-chemical-hydrodynamical simulations of hot Jupiters, and convection permitting simulations of terrestrial planets. Note: this will not be your standard seminar and is more aimed at connecting people within Astrophysics to those working on exoplanet climates, as I have begun to realise that as the latter has grown, it has become a little disconnected/unknown. Plus as it is virtual you can always turn your camera off and have a nap.

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